Passweird: A Fun Way to Generate Gross and Secure(ish) Passwords

Passweird - Passwords Too Gross To Steal

Nowadays, there are just too many internet services that people subscribe to and coming up with a unique password for each account is a pain. You could use one password for all of your accounts but that is very insecure and would lead to your identity stolen, or your money stolen, or your family wrecked. In other words – not fun.

For us here at Fun Times, we are weird people with weird affinities to weird things, and it makes much sense to us to use weird passwords like “angryboogers” or “semisolidpoop” or “acnepopcornstuffings”. Yep! Weird, and disgusting but more importantly, fun.

Passweird is a web app built by Cody Peterson that generates secure(ish) passwords that are “too gross to steal”. We said securish ( not sure if thats a proper word ) because although they look secure with small letters, capital letters, numbers, characters, and punctuation combined, the combinations are not random and someone might use the generated passwords to hack your accounts. We advise to just get ideas, or use the generated ones by changing a few or most characters.

Go check Passweird out and have fun!

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