Framed 2: Interview with “Cute Meals” Food Stylist Rose Cho

In this issue of Framed, we talk to Rose Susanto Cho, a full-time mother and food stylist from Seoul, South Korea. She specialises in cooking and styling cute meals for kids, mostly for her lovely 6 year old daughter Chrystal.

Hi Rose, good day! Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Hello and good morning from Seoul, thanks as well for this unique opportunity.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Rose Susanto Cho, I’m 38 years old. I am Chinese-Indonesian, married to a Korean and live in Seoul. I’m a full time mother with a 6 year old daughter, Chrystal. I love to cook and bake, make and watch anything that involves arts.

Did your art happen by chance or because of passion?

Passion! Definitely because of passion. 😍 I love to cook as it has always been my passion.

I studied Foreign Language in Beijing China, and in Seoul South Korea and it was then that I started to spend longer hours in the kitchen experimenting with recipes I found on the internet and just having fun with it. I’m still that same girl playing in the kitchen but definitely in a more fun way.

When I started a family, I realised that home-cooked meals was always the better choice for us. It is much healthier and I could control what ingredients to use. For me, food must not only be nourishing and tasty but also has to be fun and at the same time comforting.

How old were you when you first explored it? When did you start and how? 

It was in 2011 when I started food styling. I made my first food art dessert for my daughter as I wanted to encourage her to finish her meal. I remember it was a Mickey Mouse pancake with a vanilla ice cream on top. It made her smile and she was so happy that she finished it in no time. She drives me to create art more and express my love for food art ( styling ). I started posting them on Instagram about a year ago.

Wow! 2011, that’s four years ago. You have a really good thing going on here. A lot of kids will surely enjoy eating your food art. Besides posting on Instagram, do you have other plans for your hobby? A business perhaps? A blog? How about a Youtube channel to show your followers tutorials on how you make food art?

Thank you very much! Honestly I myself can’t believe that my food art can be so interesting to others. I feel like riding on a roller coaster every time when the number of followers are increasing. I believe everyone should have a dream, so do I 😊 One day when the timing is right hopefully I will be able to open a  business. Wish me luck.

Who inspires you? What drives you to create?

My daughter is my inspiration. She often shows me her stuffed toys and asks me to make her “Cute 밥” ( spelled Bap ) which means “Cute Meal” in Korean. I think it is a win-win situation for me and my daughter.

You have one very lucky daughter. Not only is it a win-win situation for both of you, but also for us who follow you on Instagram. Is she the next Rose Cho? Are there signs she’ll be following your footsteps as a food stylist? 

WOW, you know what? This is such a coincidence. Weeks ago my daughter was looking through my Instagram feed and she said “Mom, when I grow up I’ll continue to do this, that time I’ll cook for you”. Such an angel. 😍

Is there a Korean word for “cute”?

“Cute” in Korean is “귀엽다” (spelled Gui-yeop-da). But Koreans don’t talk like that. “Cute ” is my daughter’s language lol. Koreans will say “Cute Meal” as “큐트 ” which is same spelling in English but with Korean accent.

What advise can you give to those who wish to do cute meals food styling?

First, always try to keep things simple, in one plate. Challenge yourself by using ingredients and tools that’s already in your kitchen. And second, always involve your kids  and listen to their cute ideas or ask them as your little helper, that’ll make the process of making Food Arts more fun and meaningful.

To our readers, show your love and head on to Rose’s Instagram profile for more of her Cute .

Framed is our feature series where we talk to artists and get to know them a little better. We try to find out their creative process, their inspiration, and everything in between that helps them produce amazing works of art.

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