Framed 1: Interview with Minimalist Photography Artist Corium

In our first issue of Framed, we talk to Corium, a very talented artist from Singapore. Corium, real name Celene, loves taking pictures of cute characters from San-X and Sanrio, of food, and things she uses in her daily life. The prevailing theme in her photos is minimalist, clean, and muted. Her Instagram feed makes us calm and relaxed, it’s the cure to our bad days. We love how she takes very ordinary things and transforms them into works of art.

How do you best describe your photography?

Clean and minimal, but meaningful (to me at least) because each photo shows bits and pieces of my daily life!

What makes you want to take a photo?

The first thing that comes to mind would be the question: is this photo for sharing or for my own memories? If it’s for sharing, is this something I want to share with other people i.e. is it meaningful to me? Usually, I want to take a photo if there’s something I want to say about it. Did the recipe go well? How good was this plate of sushi? Other things I consider: is it of sufficient quality? Does it fit in with the rest of my feed? Most importantly, will this make me happy?


How do you feel after taking one? How do you feel after sharing it?

There’s an undeniable adrenaline rush when you post anything on social media, and also that feeling of anticipation about the feedback you’ll get from anyone on the Internet – it’s the same for me! Overall, I share my photos because they make me happy, and hopefully when others see it, they’ll feel the same way too.

What are your interests? What makes you tick?

Besides photography, I enjoy learning languages, good design, discovering new music, travel, and reading.

We noticed you have pictures of Gudetama, Totoro ( with Chu and Chibi ), Sailor Moon, and cute little bears. Is it safe to say that you are into anime?

Rather than anime, I guess I really like cute characters from Sanrio and San-X like Gudetama and Rilakkuma! I used to watch anime and read manga quite a bit – the usual Naruto, Bleach etc but I haven’t done so in a while. Older movies and series like Totoro and Sailor Moon have a special place in my heart because they remind me of my childhood.

Are bears your favourite animal?

Actually, my favourite animal is the cat! But I probably subliminally like the design of bear characters like Rilakkuma and Brown (from LINE), which is why I tend to post more pictures of bears in general.


Did your art happen by chance or by passion? How old were you when you first explored it?

I’ve always liked photography since a young age, but never really pursued it as a professional interest. The smartphone really cemented photography as a consistent hobby for me because now I don’t have to lug a DSLR around or process the photos using my computer – I can just do everything on my phone and on the go!

Do you have any other art besides photography that you can express yourself to?

I’ve recently gotten back into drawing and would like to hone my skills in traditional art (more specifically sketching, watercolours and inking). I’ve also recently hopped onto the modern calligraphy bandwagon and I’m enjoying the learning process quite a bit!


Any advice to those who wish to get into photography or to those who are just starting? 

I guess the most important thing about photography or art in general is to have a purpose or a message that you’d like to put across, especially if you’re sharing your art with other people. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, it can be something as simple as sharing how your day went. Aesthetics-wise, I feel that you will create a style of your own if you just go with what you feel looks nice to you. That will probably ensure some consistency as well, unless your tastes vary a lot.  And of course, try not to stress out over it and have fun!

That is what we here at Fun Times do, have fun. Thank you very much, Corium, for taking the time to do this interview and for being our very first featured artist. We can’t wait to see more of your work especially the drawings and calligraphy.

To our readers, show your love and head on to Corium’s Instagram profile for more of her amazing pictures.

Framed is our feature series where we talk to artists and get to know them a little better. We try to find out their creative process, their inspiration, and everything in between that helps them produce amazing works of art.

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